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BlackBIT offers you the comprehensive solutions meant for many hardware as well as software platforms. Our main areas of operation comprise working out and the implementation of mobile solutions, which additionally run on Microsoft systems, such as Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Windows Embedded and Windows CE. The projects we realise concern the creation of applications designed for requested system as well as the preparation of a new image of the operating system (Windows Embedded, Windows CE) destined for a specified hardware, which would fullfil the set requirements. The mobile solutions which are ensured by BlackBIT encompass also applications intended for the hardware of BlackBerry family (Research In Motion), and those run on Android operating system.

The operation of BlackBIT company is also in the area of embedded systems. It is focused equally on designing and building the hardware part as well as programming the device delivered by the customer or designed according to their guidelines. The embedded systems which we work out can run under the control of native initially created software, or be based on one of the newest Microsoft products, that is, on .NET Micro Framework platform, which gives new quality with the cooperation of hardware and software. The company ensures also the products by means of traditional software designed for operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 as well as any distributions of Linux/Unix system.

Your idea, our solution!

Wondering, whether your idea is feasible at all? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right site. BlackBIT equipped with its knowledge and experience can help you out exactly in those projects, in which others prove hapless, desperately saying "it simply cannot be done".

BlackBIT can prove that working on modern solutions, which is based on the newest technologies is possible to come hand in hand with a co-operational dialogue and transparency. If you are looking for a partner to realise your project not running the risk of continuously exceeding the budget you have planned for it, you have found yourself at the right place. We invite you to cooperate…

Smart Solutions

BlackBIT is a company specialising in ensuring software for mobile platforms, and also solutions concerning the so-called, embedded systems. Our operation is based on creating comprehensive solutions, and also autonomous parts of more complex systems, which are tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

BlackBIT company works with a proved team of experts from many domains, which enables us to meet even the most challenging expectations. Manifold knowledge of the entire team covering mathematics through information technologies, automatics to digital and analogue electronics, allows us to create specialist-oriented as well as involving multiarea-cooperation systems. The experience and knowledge in every single domain is evinced not only by a profiled education or special certificates, but most of all by many years of experience which we have gained throughout the comprehensively realised projects engaging the use of our expertise, while facing real tasks and problems.


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